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Daniel Pink, one of my favorite non-fiction authors, was interviewed on an episode of Cool Tools. If you’re not familiar with the podcast, the formula is simple: the founders interview famous people and ask them to talk about four “somethings” that the person likes and uses a lot because it makes their life easier or more enjoyable.

We’re not talking about profound issues here. Apparently, people talk about gadgets, software, kitchen tools, books, websites, etc. For instance, Pink’s four cool tools happen to be:  a brand of earplugs, a fat pencil, an online class, and a terrific fish spatula. I’ve included a link below if you want to listen to that podcast later.

So the concept got me thinking. What is a cool tool for me? (Note, as usual, I place all the links at the end so you don’t get distracted while you’re reading this post.)

Here is my list:

1) Gel seat cushions   I have a minor condition of bursitis in my “sit bones” which causes pain if I sit very long. To help ease that pain, I own two Purple cushions. No, not the color purple (although they are actually purple). It’s the brand Purple which is a gel cushion that’s great for travel. I use one at home, and I’ve taken one with me on planes and trains. They fold in half so they fit in the travel bag I carry. I’m sitting on one right now as I’m writing this blog. You have to be careful about car use as leaving one in a hot car during a summer heat wave may cause melting. (Of the cushion, not your rear end.)

2) Ecard services   If you’ve been a reader very long, you know I like to send real cards through the mail. But I also subscribe to two paid ecard services and one free one. Ecards are great for immediate contact or when you learn of someone who could use a “thinking of you” note right now.  Considering that paper cards run about $5 each these days, the $30 fee for two years of service seems quite reasonable for both Jacquie Lawson and Blue Mountain Arts. Through them you can send unlimited cards and the sites maintain an address book for you. The free service is through and while they do appreciate people who choose to make a donation from time to time, they don’t pester you for money.

3) Free Photo Sites   One of my readers says she can hardly wait to see what photo I’ve chosen to go with each of my posts. While occasionally I do use a photo I’ve taken myself, usually I choose one from two photo sites. The sites allow you to use the photos commercially and without attribution. They are easily searchable. Although (as I’ve mentioned previously), you can waste a boatload of time looking at the interesting, gorgeous, quirky, inspirational photos. And sometimes the search results make me laugh out loud. For instance, I was helping a friend put together a promotional piece for a gathering of single moms. One of the photos it brought up in a search of “single mom” was of a painting of the Madonna and Child. I guess technically Mary was single when Jesus was born, but still.

4) Glad® Press ‘N’ Seal®  Hey, I warned you that this post wouldn’t be anything profound. How many times have you cussed at traditional cling wrap as you tried to pull off a piece to cover something? This product is worth the extra money, trust me. I’ve included links to two videos; one that demonstrates the product and the other that shows some creative uses.

I haven’t actively asked for comments for a long time. But I’d enjoy hearing back from my readers about a favorite cool tool or two of yours!


Purple seat cushions

Ecard Sites  free   2 years $30  2 years $29

Free Photo Sites

Glad® Press ‘N’ Seal® video 1

Glad® Press ‘N’ Seal® video 2

Podcast with Dan Pink’s choice of four cool tools

4 thoughts on “Tools for Thought

  1. Marlene says:

    1. A Mouse – My favorite ‘Tool’ is a mouse! I can’t live without one and seem so much more productive then using that pad thing. I prefer wireless, but I’m less likely to lose a wired one at home!
    2. Quality Diffuser – I’m an essential oil junkie and love that I can change up how things smell and how I feel by putting some oils in and just breathing! I particularly love the Young Living Lantern Diffuser
    3. Scale – Nice food scale – We do a lot of butchering/Charcuterie/Milking (goats) – having a good scale makes such a difference!
    4 .Vacuum Sealer – Along that same line a larger quality vacuum sealer makes a huge difference – my Husband recently got a commercial grade at Cabela’s and I love it! It’s funny the reviews on this aren’t great – I guess I need to post one that I love it!!

    • Norma Thatcher says:

      I really enjoy seeing your FB posts on your goats and other aspects of farm life. You have lived (and continue to do so!) such a diverse life! Thanks for offering your choices. My son-in-law may be interested in the scale and sealer.

  2. Judy Jones says:

    I use American Greetings e-cards and they are great. I think the fee is $20 a year with unlimited cards. The cards sing, dance, are personalize and cover every situation. They keep records too for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They remind me of upcoming events. It’s the best $20 bucks I’ve ever spent!!!!

    • Norma Thatcher says:

      I agree that the nominal fee for the e-cards is well worth it. And you know how cheap I am!

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