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Norma Thatcher

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As I was ending a thirty-year career in the finance arena of corporate America, I took a transformational leadership class. A meaningful exercise had me identify, out of a hundred possible values, the 25 that were most important to me personally. From those 25 I needed to choose my top ten. The next step was to narrow it down to the three that identified my essence. And from those three core values, I was to create a “life title” for myself, using both an adjective and a noun.

The exercise wasn’t about what I do for a living. It was about what I do for a life. After long and thoughtful consideration, I chose healing teacher. That long-ago class was the catalyst for Lifted Up.

My real passions are teaching, speaking, and writing. Here are some related roles I’ve held:

  • Speaker at national conventions and business events
  • Christian education teacher for 30+ years
  • Life Skills Instructor at a homeless shelter
  • Trainer for a leadership class in the construction industry
  • Coach for company leaders on presentation skills
  • Community College instructor
  • Guide and coach of leadership classes at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Blogger for over five years (read my latest post or subscribe HERE)
  • Children’s book author (learn more about my book HERE)

On a personal note, my husband Richard and I live just outside Warrenton, Virginia, and have been married 40 years. “How many children do you have?” is a bittersweet question for us. While we are blessed with two daughters, a son-in-law, two grandsons, and a granddaughter, we lost our 22-year-old son in 2008 to a drug overdose. We loved the child and hated the addiction. Always.

May your day be filled with many blessings. Be lifted up.

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