A Rhyme In Time

Be honest. How often do you read poetry? For a while, it seemed to me that poetry was on its way out. So I was happy when the 2020 winner of America’s Got Talent was Brandon Leake whose talent was identified as “spoken word poet.” And of course with Amanda Gorman’s stirring rendition of her … Continue reading A Rhyme In Time

Rainbow Music

A signature song. That phrase captures the imagination. It’s defined as the ONE song a successful artist or band is most closely identified with. Some examples are What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong I Left My Heart In San Francisco – Tony Bennett YMCA – The Village People Piano Man – Billy Joel Moon … Continue reading Rainbow Music

Petals of Our Lives

I’m convinced there are many astounding views of life we miss seeing simply because we’re not paying enough attention. Case in point: Stop and watch this 26-second video I shot at the park last week so that the rest of this post will make sense. (But come right back or my feelings will be hurt.) … Continue reading Petals of Our Lives

Say Cheese!

Keypoint Intelligence estimates that during 2021, humankind will take around one trillion, four hundred forty billion photos. Medium.com’s data on weddings reflect that professional wedding photographers shoot up to 100 images per hour. Another source offers that the professionals take around 2000 wedding photos, culling for “keepers” before offering a selection to the happy couple. … Continue reading Say Cheese!