A Pebble in a Pond

A great teacher once challenged me to consider the effect caused by tossing a pebble into a pond. While it’s calming to watch the ripples in the water gently moving outward from where the pebble entered the pond, most of us watch for a while, and then move on. But think about those tiny surges …click to continue reading.

Do You See What I See?

It cracks me up when one study comes out with a “finding” and suddenly various news outlets begin touting the new “evidence” as scientific gospel. Case in point: In July 2015 a study from Tokyo was presented at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. The consensus was that people who experience pareidolia tend …click to continue reading.

A Different Way of Seeing

The group discussion was on a paradigm-shifting topic. While I enjoy being challenged to think outside the perimeter of my entrenched attitudes and thoughts, this particular idea was causing me some distress. When the facilitator asked the group for feedback, I said, “I’m disturbed.” After the group enjoyed a friendly laugh (assuming I was kidding), …click to continue reading.

Less Can Be More

When I took my husband to his first Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, he thought he would be hearing Russian symphonies. Uh, no. TSO is a rock group. If you’re not familiar with the TSO name, you still likely have heard their music during the Christmas season. Their signature song is Christmas/Sarajevo but it’s better known as …click to continue reading.

Regrets Only? Please, No

For eight years Australian Bronnie Ware worked for a company that supplied people to provide personal care of the terminally ill. Her job description as a palliative caregiver included items such as manage medications, assist with showering and toilet needs, ensure patient’s meal needs are met. She was quite competent in the work but she …click to continue reading.