Please Do NOT Repeat That

I spent the weekend in Connecticut with my 95-year-old aunt. She’s my aging role model: smart, healthy, active, mentally sharp, articulate, and both interesting and interested. The worst physical problem she experiences is severe hearing loss. Even with hearing aids, she finds it next to impossible to hear when in noisy places such as restaurants … Continue reading Please Do NOT Repeat That

With All Your Heart

“Never give up the power of your gut instincts. Trust me on this one…” This advice is from Dr. Neil Spector, once a respected oncologist. Over a span of fifteen years, he experienced a series of near-fatal health problems himself and was misdiagnosed for several years on some of them. The words of wisdom he … Continue reading With All Your Heart

Time is NOT the Enemy

Everything is timing. Those are the concluding words of Daniel Pink’s latest book WHEN – The scientific secrets of perfect timing. My Lifted Up blog readers know that sometimes I challenge the tribe to step outside our regular patterns of thinking and consider everyday life from a different angle. Books like WHEN offer the same … Continue reading Time is NOT the Enemy