Scooter the dog is well known in her hometown. She and her owner Emma not only take part in Old Town’s community activities, but they also walk up and down Main Street every day to greet the shop owners. One spring day Emma is invited to a restaurant in Old Town for lunch on her birthday. Emma ties Scooter outside in the shade and promises her a long walk when lunch is finished.

But when a little dog comes along and accidentally unties Scooter’s leash, Scooter makes the decision to take the usual walk all by herself. She ends up with a BIG surprise for Emma!

Children will be delighted in Scooter’s adventures as well as in the kindness and generosity of the people in Old Town.

Where to find Scooter Takes a Walk

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Just imagine a world where animals can do the stuff that we humans do! What would happen if you spotted a crocodile pushing a cart down the aisle at a grocery store? Would you shriek in horror or laugh aloud at sharks eating fish sandwiches while they picnic in the park? Does it tickle your funny bone to see a bluegrass band comprised entirely of rhinos? What kind of sound do you think a dinosaur chorus would make? All of these animal shenanigans and more show up in this beautifully illustrated rhyming book. This is the book that will enchant minds of all ages.

Where to find Could a Ferret Peel a Carrot? …and Other Animal Shenanigans

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book cover preview - Laura Lamb and the Christmas Book

In early December when Mom decides to decorate this year’s Christmas tree in a peacock-inspired theme, the family’s old ornaments are relegated to a box by the trash at the curb. Laura Lamb convinces her animal friends to drag the discarded box of ornaments to the barn so she can see them and hear the stories of how they each came to belong to the family.
When Laura Lamb learns that Mom keeps a scrapbook detailing each Christmas, the little lamb is determined to see it. After the family is asleep, Laura wriggles her way through the doggy door with Riley the dog as her guide.
But their peek through the book is interrupted by Mom returning downstairs. Laura Lamb hides as Mom picks up the book and works her way through the pages of beautiful memories.
Mom soon realizes she has made a terrible mistake and goes outside to rescue their old ornaments from the curb. Heartbroken at being unable to find them, Mom trudges back to bed.
Laura Lamb, Riley the dog, and other animals work together through the night as a team to restore the family’s traditional tree. In the morning when the family spots the redecorated tree, Mom believes another Christmas miracle has occurred.

Where to find Laura Lamb and The Christmas Book

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Praise for Scooter Takes a Walk

Norma Thatcher has lovingly and expertly created an impactful story about the importance of community and supporting local businesses. Creating a sense of safety and familiarity is an important aspect for families, and she does that well in her fun book, “Scooter Takes a Walk.

Marianne Clyde

Business Coach with Business YOUR Way, and best-selling author of “Zentivity: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress, and Discontent in Your Workplace.”

“Scooter Takes a Walk” is a lovely depiction of the spirit of Old Town Warrenton, its shops, and their proprietors. The colorful illustrations bring Main Street and local shops to life. The strong image of pet-friendliness in our town is very accurate.”

Bonnie Zacherle

The original creator of My Little Pony and author of “My Lil Pony Tale.”

Praise for Could a Ferret Peel a Carrot? …and Other Animal Shenanigans

Could a Ferret Peel a Carrot? is a delightful book filled with humorous animal antics and positively gorgeous illustrations that will surely spark the interest of imaginative young minds.

Jennifer Raible

Elementary Library Teacher, Saint James' Episcopal School

Thatcher’s thought-provoking scenarios will inspire your child’s imagination. Could animals do the things we do? The lyrical prose has a great rhythm, and Noragong’s colorful and vibrant illustrations are the perfect accompaniment.

Jennifer Diamonti

Senior Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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