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Norma Thatcher, Author

Norma Thatcher, Author
Photo by Coy Ferrell

Norma Thatcher’s first illustrated children’s book Scooter Takes a Walk was published in 2021. The story came to life after ten years of “thinking about it” when she was blessed to team up with the newly-minted book illustrator Loralyn Noragong from California.

Norma is the founder of Lifted Up, LLC, a speech coaching company where she works with individuals who want to give impactful presentations. Her clients yearn to be speakers who deliver a message that is easily followed, understood, believed, and remembered. But they struggle with overcoming speaking anxiety, knowing how to craft an organized speech, developing a voice with vocal vitality, and creating a bond with the audience. Norma identifies specific aspects to help her clients overcome what’s holding them back from delivering successful presentations or speeches.

She’s had her own blog for five years and recently the magazine Warrenton Lifestyle published two of her posts. Norma is already working on her next two children’s books; one is Christmas themed with a whole menagerie of farm animals, and the other is a rhyming book about animals who do silly things.

Norma and her husband live on a mountain top just outside of Warrenton, Virginia, where Grace, their beagle/foxhound mix, is in charge of chipmunk chasing and walk-in-the-park scheduling.

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Release Date: September 1, 2021

Since this book promotes independent bookstores and shopping locally, please contact The Open Book in Warrenton, VA for additional copies. Or ask your local independent bookstore to order it for you.

Web: oldtownopenbook.com

Phone: 540.878.5358

Email: OldTownOpenBook@nullgmail.com