Say Something that Matters.

Do you remember the presentation you attended that you didn’t want to end? Maybe the speaker produced AHA! moments for you. Maybe he taught you something useful in the first two minutes. Or perhaps she spoke with such empathy that you felt a real connection, as in:

  • She “gets” me.
  • Her ideas will help me solve a problem.
  • She understands my pain points.
  • Learning this will enrich my life.

We all want to be that person… the one who is remembered for the gifts he or she presents to each audience.

I can help you become that kind of speaker through affordable, individual coaching. Before we meet, I’ll listen while you identify where you believe you need assistance. If you have a video of yourself speaking, I can preview that to gain my own assessment as well. Then, in a confidential individual coaching session, I’ll provide instruction on the specific ways for you to best develop as a speaker.

A few self-complaints I have helped speakers overcome:

  • “My voice is boring! Audiences go to sleep.”
  • “I’m so nervous speaking in public that the audience feels sorry for me.”
  • “My presentation is disjointed. I can’t figure out how to plan what to say.”
  • “How do I begin a presentation? How do I end it? My beginnings and endings are failures.”
  • “My body gets so tense when I’m speaking that I stand as if I’m frozen in place.”
  • “I struggle with building a bond with the audience. What if they don’t like me?”
  • “I have a ton of information in my head about the topic but have just 30 minutes to talk. How do I cut it down? How do I decide what to share?”

Some people believe that in order to be a successful speaker they have to be polished and perfect and command the room with a booming voice. Polished and perfect is boring, and an audience would rather hear an authentic voice with vocal vitality. The real test is this: Did the audience learn something interesting and helpful AND did they enjoy listening and participating?

The most important person in the room is always the audience, never the speaker. Once we accept that truth, we’re on our way to becoming presenters who make an impact.

Let me help you learn how to…

Say something that inspires your audience.

Say something that people will remember.

Say something that matters.

Well organized… meticulously planned

“This class was well organized and meticulously planned. It was evident that you genuinely care for each person in the class. You want to see every person succeed.”

Robert Johnson
Shirley Contracting

So much more comfortable

“I’m so much more comfortable speaking in front of people after your training. The anxiety I once experienced is gone due to your classes. It was truly a pleasure learning from you. Our group is quite fortunate to have you teaching this class for them.”

Ed Ballard
Fairfax County Government

Confidence to present in front of groups

“This class has provided me the confidence to present in front of groups of all sizes. The ideas are ones I’ll rely on for a long time.”

Drew Coleman
Bank of America