Say Something that Matters.

Do you wish you were better at reporting to your supervisor, speaking with your peers, or presenting to a room full of people? Many people have had little or no training in presentation skills or public speaking, yet gaining those skills can greatly enhance your career opportunities.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all public speakers, and excellent presentation skills are essential for success.

Consider this: If you can say “YES, I DO” to any of the following, YOU are a public speaker.

  • Converse with customers or clients
  • Pitch your company’s products or services to prospects
  • Conduct or participate in staff meetings
  • Provide updates at board meetings
  • Train new employees
  • Participate in job interviews (from either side of the desk!)
  • Coach underperforming employees
  • Lead a team, a department, a division, a company

Good presentation skills are an essential part of leadership, not only for current leaders, but aspiring leaders as well. Below is a clip where I share more:

Being a successful speaker isn’t about being polished and perfect and commanding the room with a booming voice. Rather, it’s about—hey—did the audience learn something interesting and helpful AND did they enjoy themselves?

The most important person in the room is always the audience, never the speaker. Once we accept that truth, we’re on our way to becoming public speakers who can make an impact.

Say something that inspires your audience.

Say something that people will remember.

Say something that matters.

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