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Loralyn Noragong

Loralyn Noragong, Illustrator

Loralyn Noragong is a self-taught watercolor botanical style artist who loves to capture the beauty of outdoor life. She also has perfected her artistic skills through online classes and is part of the many online art communities. It was through one of those art communities that she and Norma Thatcher were first brought together by mutual friend Michelle Coe.

Loralyn also challenges herself by exploring other styles of art using different media and techniques.

Scooter Takes a Walk was Loralyn’s first illustrated children’s book. Initially, Loralyn told Norma, “I’m a realistic artist. I am not an illustrator; I don’t draw people or puppies. But, let me see what I can do. I’ll do my best and I give my word.” Loralyn is a Christian who puts her trust in God that she can use her art to bring Norma’s books to life.

Loralyn says, “For each book I illustrate, I try to make the illustrations unique to the story. I’m never sure if I can pull this off! But my faith is in the promise God gave me when I started out; through His scripture, He would be with me the whole way. I put my trust in that promise, and God has been faithful.”

She and her husband Edwin reside in the Bay Area of California where they are close to their two grown children.

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