one side or the other

I’m suffering from election anxiety. And I’m not kidding.

Likely every single person reading this post LOVES America just as much as I do and holds a deep desire to be proud of the person who will lead our nation for the next four years.

So while we can agree on our love of the country and the desire to be proud, the two sides are polar opposite on nearly everything else. It seems we EACH cannot fathom how someone on the other side can believe what they hold to be the truth and the better choice.

As someone who aims to think critically, I have sincerely tried to understand how the other side continues to support their candidate and for an extremely good reason: I have a few dear friends and some much-loved relatives who are on the other side from me. I would never ever let this difference get in the way of friendship or love. Maybe that’s why this election anxiety is so front and center for me; I must pretend to ignore it.

But as the adage goes, “What we resist, persists.”

As it persists, one of the issues it causes me is writer’s block. Yesterday I shared with a good friend what this week’s post would be about. And I tried to write a touching story about my idea, I really did.

But it kept taking a political slant. Scratch-out after scratch-out ensued. So I tried typing directly on the computer. Backspace/Delete/Do you want to save this document?/No/Hell no.

In August I posted a blog called Writing About Writing. Maybe I should have titled today’s post Writing About NOT Writing.


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