missing links

Those of you who receive my posts by email may have thought I disappeared after the November 8 post about beagle time. Nope. Due to some glitch between WordPress (which maintains my website) and Jetpack (which works in conjunction with WordPress to customize my site), the process where the system automatically sends my posts simply stopped.

After discovering the problem and discussing it with my website designer, it turns out there isn’t an easy fix to send out the missing posts to you. Can you believe it? There is no Staples-like “easy” button that says RESEND THIS POST TO YOUR READERS.

I’m trying an old-fashioned fix and I hope it works.

Below are links to the three November posts that weren’t emailed to you. By clicking on them individually, they’ll take you to the posts. Since you’ll be busy reading, I’m not going to send this week’s post until tomorrow.

I apologize for not recognizing the issue immediately. And as always, thank you for being a faithful reader. Look for my post With Open Arms tomorrow afternoon.

Experience with a capital E, post from November 15, 2019

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The color of Christmas, post from November 29, 2019