Ten things

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When my niece Jen was expecting her first baby eight years ago, I sent her a card that included my list of “Ten Things I Meant To Tell You About Having a Baby.”

Yes, I realize we’re not in the “little house on the prairie” way of life where one woman actually NEEDS to distill her knowledge and experience about becoming a first-time mom to a younger relative.

We are, in fact, overwhelmed with information on how to do just about anything. I just Googled “how to video” and came up with these initial responses:  how to make slime, how to fold a fitted sheet, how to tie shoes, how to crochet, how to cut a mango, and yes…even how to make a “how to” video.

There is even a site devoted to “how to” called Howcast. (Link is below.)

We have ready access to books and magazines (online or actual) with information galore on how to be a success in countless topics.

But the kind of advice I gave her wasn’t about being an expert in parenting or how to win “mom of the year.” It was just down-to-earth, heartfelt advice from Aunt Norma.

I would share it in its entirety if I could find it. But eight years is a long time. That baby is now a big amazing boy!

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”  “Dirty dishes in the sink will still be there later; it’s OK.” Those were two of my top ten.

When we over-research “how to” something, we reach a saturation point. We can’t take it all in. We find ourselves second-guessing which expert’s way is the best. Because sometimes “experts” contradict each other!

Apparently, marketers aren’t aware that we are tired of reading the online articles that proclaim, “The top six life hacks you can’t afford to ignore!”

Enough of the hype.

We long for simple advice from someone who loves us.

Speak up. Share your story.


Site devoted to “how to” videos

Some top video examples