The Luminosity of Friendship


One of the many issues I studied while we were building our own house was that of interior lighting; how will the home be illuminated at the dimming of the day?

Like most knowledge learned for a limited slot of time for a specific purpose, I’ve forgotten most of what I took in. What I do recall is the recommendation of having various types of lighting; mix it up. For instance, instead of limiting lighting choices to downlights, use some wall sconces for uplighting to create a softer glow. You can also let a spotlight highlight a focal point.

And think creatively about the intensity of your wattage and bulbs. Interior lighting strength is one aspect that should be varied to create interest.

I was reminded of the “mix it up” advice at a craft show last week. A crafter had the most unusual lampshades on display. The shades, done up in various lovely designs such as flowers and leaves, had pinpricks applied strategically to enable tiny points of light to shine through.

Even though I’d never seen this type of work before, apparently it’s an older art form called picotage.

Look at the photo at the top of this post to view the shade I purchased. As you can see, those pinpricks provide the illusion of raindrops or ice crystals on the evergreen bough. For whatever reason, I feel a sense of peaceful well-being looking at this shade that’s lit with a “soft” lightbulb.

It’s all very Zen.

And I got to thinking about how some of my friends are bright spotlights. They’re intense and you know the moment they enter a room. Then some of my friends are the wall sconces in my life; they never draw attention to themselves but instead cast a soft glow on others.

And a few special friends are like my new lampshade. These ladies are quietly beautiful, seemingly lit from within with a certain warmth and radiance. And yes, I feel that same sense of peaceful well-being just knowing they’re in my life.

If asked to give advice on choosing friends, I’d say do the same as in choosing lighting. Mix it up. How boring life would be if we chose to surround ourselves with just one type. Trust me…I know that my life would not be as full and fun without those spotlight and wall sconce friends. And I hope you are blessed to have a few tiny-points-of-light friends in your mix.

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8 thoughts on “The Luminosity of Friendship

    • Norma Thatcher says:

      Thank you, Sami. Remember to let me know if you’re going to be out this way and I’ll serve up a coffee and a muffin!

  1. Linda Solich says:

    I loved this article. You are amazing. Mrs. Chisnell would be so proud of your writing!

    • Norma Thatcher says:

      To everyone else- Linda Solich was my best friend during high school and remains a very dear friend to this day! Mrs. Chisnell was one of our high school English teachers. She was one of those great teachers who was SO strict that we resented her, but even now fifty years later we can recall certain aspects she taught us. The mark of an amazing teacher…one who makes an everlasting imprint on her students. And Linda, a retired teacher herself, also impacted so many children.

    • Norma Thatcher says:

      You know, I always liked that Debbie Boone song. So many people thought it was too sappy, but not me. So thanks!

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