Talk to Me Classes

Eight classes that will transform anyone into a dynamic public speaker

Class 1 – Impromptu speaking and mind-mapping

  • Learning to “speak on your feet”
  • Radiant thinking (mind-mapping) replaces linear thinking

Class 2 – Overcoming fears and nervousness

  • Identify anxiety points about public speaking
  • Nine positive ways to overcome public speaking fears
  • Why trying to be a perfect speaker usually backfires

Class 3 – Love your audience and they’ll love you

  • Why the audience is the most important “person” in the room
  • Learn to listen to and respect your audience
  • Involve the audience in your presentation

Class 4 – Prepared presentations

  • Build a “speech house” with a central theme and supporting points
  • Ways to develop a presentation so the audience can easily follow you

Class 5 –Capture your audience’s attention immediately

  • 14 interesting hooks to open a presentation since an audience makes up its mind about you in the first thirty seconds.

Class 6 – The sound of your voice

  • Vocal vitality is the #1 component of a great speaking voice
  • Overcoming common negative aspects of voice
  • Learning to breathe correctly

Class 7 – Body Language

  • Our actions speak louder than our words! Make the best of your non-verbals.
  • Posture, gestures, eye contact, open presence, use of hands.

Class 8 – Special events 

  • Accepting or presenting an award
  • Introducing a speaker
  • How to work a room in a genuine and gracious manner

Classes are held at your location. Contact me for more information.