things that go aww in the night

I live in the countryside so it’s usually very quiet at night. Since it’s just my husband, me, and the dog who are here, there’s not even much household noise after 10 p.m.

Grace the beagle is an excellent sleeper. About the only noise she makes in bed is when she does that dog trick of getting up and turning around about 17 times before deciding on the perfect spot to lie back down.

So when we have overnight guests, I love listening to the extra sounds that occur.

My beloved mother-in-law Rosalie stayed with us not too long before she died at 100 years old. She asked for her bedroom door to be left open in case she needed assistance during the night. The days had long been gone that her eyes were capable of reading her Bible at night. But that didn’t get in her way of praying! I remember lying in bed listening to her soft voice. The words were indistinguishable to me, but her tone was clear. I describe it as joyous love. I will savor that moment forever.

My daughter and family were here for the weekend. Last night I was lulled to sleep listening to a momma making soft shushing noises to a sleepy baby. And this morning I woke up hearing baby hiccups. They annoy the heck out of the baby, but it brought a huge smile to my face!

I remember my son Tim often telling me he enjoyed lying in bed and listening to the sounds of shower water running from another bathroom. And then I decided that I like hearing that sound also.

These are everyday moments of life, but it is pure joy to hear them.

I don’t ever want to get too busy to realize what it is I’m hearing.