Lifted Up Presentations

Love Your Audience and They’ll Love You!

This presentation demonstrates how a focus on the audience instead of on yourself as the speaker not only creates a bond with the audience, but also helps alleviate the common fear of speaking in public. Using five key points with illustrative stories and examples, this presentation speaks to a varied audience.

The Gospel Truths of Public Speaking

Using five strong aspects of a successful public speaker, this talk will help anyone be a better presenter. It includes the concept of building a “speech house” to demonstrate how a presentation needs to have a solid opening to hook the audience, strong key points with information to back them up, and a memorable ending. Many of us do “public speaking” of some sort every week, so this has wide appeal to most audiences.

What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?

This presentation is ideal for an audience nearing or in retirement. Using science, studies, and stories, I show how choosing ways to be happy, well, mentally active, and socially active can make your retirement years the best ones of your life.

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