I’ll Leave The Lantern On For You

Lantern of light

Photo by Norma Thatcher

Some beautiful words in the English language don’t get used much anymore.

One of them is wayfarer. The precise definition tells us that a wayfarer is one who goes on a journey, most often traveling by foot.

When I came across the website for Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, I thought to myself, “Well, if someone traveling by foot stumbles across this place, he may decide to give up on his travels and just stay there.”

As you can read on their website, here is their welcome:

A Beautiful Sacred Space

Pause for a moment, Wayfarer, on life’s journey.

Let the beauty of holiness restore your soul.

May the harmony of sky and water, leaf and rock, nourish the creation and growth of your inner being as you fare through this life and on into the life beyond.

The architect for the chapel was Lloyd Wright, son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Yes, you may be aware of my slight crush on FLW from prior posts. And here’s another.

Completed in 1951, the chapel and grounds are open to the public and are available for events. Take a look at their photos and videos on the site; you can just feel the connection between faith, nature, and the human soul.

Many natural elements were used in the construction of the chapel such as the walls and the baptismal font being formed from fieldstone from the actual site. The glass ceiling connects guests to the air and sky while protecting them from the elements.

Just knowing about this amazing space has inspired me to make some changes at my home.

You may recall that I have talked about living in the country. It’s DARK at night. There is no ambient light from stores and there are no street lights. I don’t want my home to give the appearance of being shuttered up with a “go away” vibe coming from it. So while a nightlight in my foyer gives a soft glow through the glass side panels of my front door, I wanted more.

I added two medium-size mercury glass solar lanterns to my front porch. They provide more gentle points of light, and I can envision a wayfarer coming upon them and using them to guide the way.

Mr. Wright wanted Wayfarer’s Chapel to be open and welcoming to all. That’s how I want my own home to feel to guests.

And it’s also how I strive to live my life.

Yep….I’ll leave the light on for you.



4 thoughts on “I’ll Leave The Lantern On For You

  1. Bill Thatcher says:

    Motel “6” is going to sue you for using their slogan!!! Actually, I stayed in a Motel 6, in Charleston, WVA, some years ago, and it wasn’t all that bad. No mints on the pillows, or all of the other fluff which you are unable to enjoy when you’re sleeping, just a nice quiet place with a most comfortable mattress and pillows. Yes, there was even a thermal blanket and a down comforter!!! A couple other words that I use, which some people gawk at me, and think that I’ve lost it, are: recalcitrant, and obstreperous. Check them out, they pretty much sum up lots of our actions. Hugs.

  2. Judy Jones says:

    Dearest Norma,
    While reading this, I am reminded of my childhood. My mother and our home was always welcoming to all. She would say “give me a home by the side of the road, where nary a stranger passes by”. I have tried to follow her tradition. And I say “our door is always open”.
    One cold and foggy December there was a woman and her three children that pulled into our driveway, she was crying and couldn’t see through the fog. they stayed with us all night. I wrote this poem to them:
    Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all through the land,
    The fog had rolled in, thicker than sand.
    I went to the carport and to my surprise,
    Was three darling children and a Mom with big eyes.
    “I can’t drive in this!” she said with a tear,
    Greg & I replied, “You have nothing to fear”.
    We all settled in with a little good cheer,
    And talked about things that happened this year.
    There was Dana and Judy and Greg and the boys,
    With Madison touring the house full of toys.
    There was Grayson and Peyton and Russell and Andy,
    They stopped with the games, long enough to eat candy.
    We were watching the game and wanting a goal,
    When the long winter’s day started taking it toll.
    I guess it is time that we all snuggle in,
    “Sleep tight & God bless you!” we said with a grin.

    So dreamland was waiting and off we did go,
    With a check out the window—O.K. there’s no snow!
    Morning came early, and off Greg did go,
    With thoughts of the Crickmans, that we got to know.
    Dana was up with the new dawning day,
    Busily pack and ending their stay.
    What started out to be just a horrible night,
    Quickly became a terrific delight.
    You have some new friends that just want to say,
    You always are welcome if you need to stay!
    We are wishing that Santa will fill under your tree,
    All the wonderful things that your hoping to see.
    We also are asking the good Lord above,
    To take care of you with his Peace and his Love.


    • Norma Thatcher says:

      Why am I not surprised that you have an open door policy?! And mom was the role model for you. Thank God for good moms!

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