knock on doors

Fictional homicide detective Harry Bosch has a poster on his cubicle wall that says this: Get off your ass and go knock on doors.

Perhaps I should have cleaned that up and said rear. Or butt. Or keister. (But then my weird memory recollected that President Ronald Reagan once used that old euphemism “keister” and the 500 inhabitants of Keister, MN, got upset about it.)

But I digress.

I like Harry’s sign. It’s short and to the point. Get off your ass and go knock on doors. It requires no deep thinking to grasp the meaning. Do the work. Do whatever it takes. Or as Yoda told us 40 years ago: “Do or do not. There is no try.” Nike followed up in 1988 with, “Just do it.” Do. Do. Do.

That got me thinking about how I would change Harry’s poster to fit my life. I need to get off my butt and do what exactly? Would you care to review my “to-do” list? And which one would you like to see first: my computer to-do list, house to-do list, writing to-do list, or health and wellness to-do list?

It does feel good to add items to a to-do list. Because it feels like we’re doing something. But unless we actually have the real intention of doing it, it’s just illusory.

Anymore, the 24 hours of a day seem to whiz by. I remember being younger and having older people tell me that as you age, time goes faster. It’s true! It was just Halloween and now we’re already into the second week of November. Someone famous and elderly recently commented that she detests when people tell her it’s OK to slow down at her age. Her response was something like, “I don’t have time to slow down. There is still so much that I want to do!” That’s how I feel. I love my life and want more of it.

But right now, as I’m finishing this at 10 pm, I must get off my butt and go to bed.


Amazon Prime Harry Bosch series (ended last year after 7 seasons)