purple tote

The actual tote!

There are many “stories” out there on social media and news feeds, and I’ve become jaded enough by people faking stories that I scroll by most of them or just skim some.

Like other cities and towns, there is a Facebook page for our local community. Since there is a real name and face to go with the stories found on the community page, I tend to pay a bit more attention.

Yesterday there was the bittersweet story of a local realtor driving down a busy highway. She noticed an overturned purple tote and dozens of photographs spilling out from it. Even though it can be dangerous to stop on the side of the road, she felt compelled to do just that to gather up as many of the photos as she could.

A man stopped to help her and together they filled up that purple tote with some family’s history. So far, I don’t see that she has been able to locate the owner, but she’s holding onto those photos for them. If you’re on Facebook and want to repost it, here’s the link. It’s had around 2000 shares as of the moment!


One of my earliest posts from 2016 was about actual photographs. Because our phones and laptops conveniently hold our photos for us, photographs (the tangible object you can touch) may be considered archaic to some people.

But not to me. And I guess that’s why this Facebook story resonated with me. What if those photos had been mine and someone was brave enough and kind enough to stop by the roadside to retrieve them while cars and trucks whizzed by at 60+ miles an hour?

Let’s hope this story has a happy ending and the photographs are reunited with the owner. I’ll let you know if it happens!