A Slippery Slope

A dozen or so years ago, we had a winter storm that produced an unusual effect. On top of many inches of snow, a freezing rain transformed every outdoor surface to a hard, icy glaze. My grandsons (then around 8 and 11) had stayed overnight and were eager the next morning to get out and … Continue reading A Slippery Slope

Real Or Just An Illusion

Dictionary.com defines illusion as “something that deceives the mind or senses by creating a false impression of reality.” Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book Talking to Strangers brought up an interesting topic of which I’d never heard: the illusion of asymmetric insight. I hate to break this news, but (unless you are very highly evolved) you suffer … Continue reading Real Or Just An Illusion

It Never Hurts To Ask

It’s been nearly four years since I shared with my readers in “A Permanent Mark” that if asked for a motto that is important to me, it is this:  It never hurts to ask. Because if you ask and the answer is NO, you’re no worse off than before you asked. Singer/songwriter Zach Williams has … Continue reading It Never Hurts To Ask

From Similar Root Words

Some meaningful words harbor negative connotations. Consider the word “humility.” From the Latin “humilitatem” meaning insignificance, humility isn’t an aspect to which very many people aspire to these days. Anther similar root word, “humus” (earth), means “on the ground.” Since most of us have been encouraged since birth to aim for the sky, shoot for … Continue reading From Similar Root Words

Does Not Convey

When you’re selling a house, it’s important to note in the contract what fixtures are included (will convey) in the sale of the home. RealtyTimes.com suggests that the contract should incorporate wording that states “all items in the MLS will convey.” It appears that many home buying/selling problems occur in the “Personal Property and Fixtures” … Continue reading Does Not Convey

Cry Me A River

Pop Quiz:  “If a unit of data gets shared enough times, it is considered true.”  This statement was made in response to people refusing to believe which of the following: a) In 2021, workers will have to pay back the 6.2% Social Security tax that President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily eliminated as of September 2, 2020. … Continue reading Cry Me A River