One Hundred Words

What if you were limited to speak just one hundred words each day? A non-removable metal counter on your wrist tracks the number of words you utter, resetting to zero each midnight. If you dare speak word #101 within each monitored 24-hour period, you are delivered an electric shock. Word #102 earns you a stronger … Continue reading One Hundred Words

Itsy Bitsy Teeny

Someone at a party on New Year’s Day mentioned she was vaguely aware of my blog. It turns out a mutual friend had forwarded her several of my posts over the last few years. “How do you figure out what to write about?” she inquired. My standard answer is that typically I’m inspired by something … Continue reading Itsy Bitsy Teeny

Just Like Cupcake

Today’s post is based on my 2005 Christmas letter. In November 2004 we made the difficult decision to put down our beloved family dog of thirteen years. Like most old dogs, Cupcake had developed many physical problems. She endured twice daily insulin shots for diabetes. Minimal pain medication for her aching joints had to be … Continue reading Just Like Cupcake

With Open Arms

The iconic Cristo Blanco, a 26-foot white statue of Jesus Christ, towers over the city of Cusco, Peru, on Pukamoqo Hill. Legend has it that Pukamoqo Hill holds soil from the four quarters of the Inca Empire, so this was a spiritual place for the Incas. Cusco has been described as the gateway to the … Continue reading With Open Arms

The Missing Link(s)

Those of you who receive my posts by email may have thought I disappeared after the November 8 post about beagle time. Nope. Due to some glitch between WordPress (which maintains my website) and Jetpack (which works in conjunction with WordPress to customize my site), the process where the system automatically sends my posts simply … Continue reading The Missing Link(s)