Putting Stuff Away

I can’t stand not being able to find stuff. Since I consider myself to be a highly organized individual, it’s an affront to my mental well-being to be unable to locate something. Case in point: A couple weeks ago my husband asked, “Where is the soil analysis the Co-Op did a month ago?” I knew … Continue reading Putting Stuff Away

Goodnight Who?

Have you ever read a book so many times that it literally starts to fall apart? As you can see in the photo, such is the case with my children’s copy of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. First published in September 1947, total sales have reached over 48 million copies. It’s identified as a … Continue reading Goodnight Who?

Tap Tap Tap

My friend Ken shared this story of his five-year-old great-niece Eloise: The occasion was the funeral of Ken’s elderly mother (Eloise’s great-grandmother). As the family made their way to the front of the church, there was a bit of concern as to how Eloise would react to the solemn service. Once seated, one of Eloise’s … Continue reading Tap Tap Tap