About Lifted Up

Say something that matters.

Do you remember the presentation you attended that you didn’t want to end? Maybe the speaker produced Aha! moments for you. Maybe he taught you something useful in the first two minutes. Or perhaps she spoke with such empathy that you felt a real connection, as in:

  • She “gets” me.
  • His ideas will help me solve a problem.
  • She understands my pain points.
  • Learning this will enrich my life.

We all want to be that person who is remembered for the gifts he or she presents to each audience.

No matter how experienced we are, we can all benefit from constructive feedback that helps us improve. I spoke about this recently:

You can take the first step to becoming that type of speaker by hiring me as your event speaker or by attending my Talk to Me! classes. Learn more.

We are all public speakers.

We need to say something that matters.

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